Old Aeroplanes





Hello, my name is Leslie Quagraine and I am the creator of Old Aeroplanes magazine, an 'up close and personal' look at vintage aeroplanes. For almost forty years I have been illustrating for book, newspaper and magazine publishers, advertising agencies and record companies – you name an idea a concept or an object, and I have probably turned it into a drawing or a painting. Born, raised and educated in London, I have lived in Finland for many years and this is where I publish Old Aeroplanes magazine. A periodical on paper that you can actually hold in your hand. Hmm! Feel that silky cover and the weight of the glossy paper.

Old Aeroplanes magazine is published and printed to the highest professional standards on good quality coated paper.

A4 in size, 100 pages and full colour throughout, with no pages lost to advertising.

'Hand made' by Leslie Quagraine, artist and designer.

A single copy is 11 Euros plus shipping.