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2017.01.16 Monday

Gray on Grey. P-51D and MiG-29 mix it up.

Fantasy airbrush paintings.

Big Red. Top Gun instructors teaching combat techniques. F-16, F-5 MiG-23 and MiG-29s.

Go Marines.

Harrier, Corsair, Phantom, Skyhawk, Hornet.

Hornets over Finland.

Painted before the F-18 entered service with the Finnish Air Force, so the code is wrong, 'HT' instead of 'HN'. The two-seater camouflage harks back to the MiG-21 and Saab Draken, all F-18s are a dull gre as are most military aircraft these days..

2017.01.17 Tuesday

Storm Warning.

Hurricane, Lightning and Tornado, fighters from three generations.


Two Soviet era Polikarpov I-135 fighters lost in the fog.

The idea for this painting came when 18 year old Matias Rust made an illegal flight to Moscow and landed a Cessna in Red Square.

Arrow Break.

Sea Harriers as the Red Arrows. I did say these are fantasy paintings.

Banzai Boogie.

A Samurai spirit, copied from a print by Kuniyoshi, a Mitsubishi A5M 'Claude' and the tail of a Kawasaki Ki-45 Toryu 'Nick'.

Flying Tigers.

A Sharkmouthed P-40 with tiger striped shark squadron mates. Our grandson is only just learning to talk, but when he sees this painting he reacts with a great big 'Oooh WOW!'