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2016.09.07 Wednesday.

Sopwith Snipe at Old Warden

Sopwith Snipe, built by The Vintage Aviator Ltd in New Zealand and being assembled at Old Warden in the UK. Here you can see inside the fuselage; wood, metal and fabric. The angular black shape, lower left, is a fuel tank, under and behind the pilot's seat.

In side fuselage of TVAL Sopwith Snipe
Albatros D.V of TVAL

TVAL Sopwith Snipe

TVAL's beautiful Albatros V. To think, that something so beautiful is a machine made for sowing death and destruction.

Mercedes D.III aero engine

I claim that Old Aeroplanes magazine is good enough to lick - well this TVAL built Mercedes D.III engine looks really tasty also.

It’s not been ‘blood, sweat a tears’, but rebuilding my ‘web presence’ has been several days work, and with a new web site building program to learn at the same time. Despite repeated checking and link corrections, gremlins are bound to have crept into the site. If anyone is out there and notices a mistake I have missed, please send me an e-mail.

To have a break from sitting at the computer, my wife and I cut down a tree today. Brrrmmm! We are both pretty handy with a chain saw and always very safety conscious. Just like Monty Python!

2016.09.11 Sunday.

2016.09.21  Wednesday

Philip Makanna, the Maestro of air-to-air photography, gets bounced around in three dimensions while taking his splendid photographs. Phil's glasses show the wear and tear of keeping an 'eagle eye' to the viewfinder of his Nikon camera.

Old Aeroplanes magazine No.3 has an interveiw with Phil and features many of his magnificent photographs.

2016.09.22  Thursday

Last weekend was out the annual Harvest Festival, in the village where I live. It is a small scale affair, but a lot of people turn up to wonder around, eat and have a good chat.

A most interesting exhibit was the cockpit of retired Finnish Air Force Hawk HW-314. This Hawk, with over 5000 hours of flight time, slides out, on rails, from a custom container. Since the beginning of this year, it is exhibited at airshows and trade fairs by the Finnish Aviation Museum Society. Both seats were constantly occupied by visitors 'having a go.'

BAe Hawk cockpit

2016.09.29  Thursday

The air display season is more or less over, but the atmosphere of summer air show's can be rekindled by watching video recordings. I have spent the morning on the 'Western Front', thanks to the Historical Aviation Film Unit , based in New Zealand. British, French and German fighters filmed from the ground, air-to-air and in-cockpit. Re-enactors on the ground battle it out, with duels taking place above.

Have a look: https://www.youtube.com/user/HAFUVideo


2016.09.30  Friday

An illustration of Richard Ormonde Shuttleworth that I made for Old Aeroplanes magazine No.2, which is devoted to warbirds seen at Old Warden, home of the Shuttleworth Collection. The family fortune was from Clayton & Shuttleworth agricultural machinary. Shuttleworth's loves were racing horses, racing cars and flying aeroplanes.