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2016.12.03 Saturday

A pen and ink drawing of Adolf Galland, from a photograph, that I made many years ago. The black dot near the righthand edge is a drop of ink that fell from the loaded pen.

Galland, 1912-1996, served with the Luftwaffe from 1933 until the end of WWII, seeing combat in Spain, Poland, the Battle of Britain, the Western Front and rising to General of the Fighter Force. He flew 705 combat missions, was shot down four times and had 104 combat victories. Post war Galland did consulting and test flying, most notably in Argentina.

2016.12.07 Wednesday

Cold and windy here, all the more reason to settle down with a good book, when not working on my own projects. My friend, Philip Makanna, makes wonderful aviation books. Because of the 100 year anniversary, I am very WWI minded. The cover of Phil's Ghosts, the Great War.'

Here is a spread from the book showing the beautifully angular Fokker D.VII

If it flies, I'm interested.

My good friend Alexander Reichstein constructs magical exhibitions all over the world. For the Christmas season, he has an exhibition in nearby Helsinki – 'They Were Here' – showing figures through the ages, in the courtyard of Helsinki City Museum. The angel blowing a horn is certainly flying, as is the cherub in the distance.

2016.12.8 Thursday

Another pen and ink drawing from a photo, from my student days, P-40K 'King Boogie' and pilots of the Flying Tigers. Again a drop of ink, on the collar of the pilot resting his foot on the wheel. Easily enough removed if I ever print the drawing.

Well, I wrote in praise of Philip Makanna's book Ghosts of the Great War and now I see it's on sale! A USD 40.00 book of air-to-air photographs, for only USD 25.00 during December. As the cook said, 'Get it while it's hot!'

2016.12.28 Wednesday

Our family Christmas tree usually has an aeroplane in pride of place. This year it is an F-86 Sabre. In recent years there has been a MiG-15 and a blue Spitfire.