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2016.11.17  Thursday

You may think I am only interested in Old Aeroplanes. Well, here are some spanking new jets. What! The ubiquitus F-4 Phantom and the 'Jump Jet' Harrier are old hat you say. Oh well, Old Aeroplanes is a concept that gets broader every day.

A Greek Air Force McDonnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II, at the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford 2005.  A photo taken with my second digital camera, a Nikon D40X. I still have it and it works a treat. My wife used it on trips to France and Italy this summer and took splendid photos.

A Royal Air Force British Aeropspace Harrier GR.7A. Photographed at RIAT, 2005, also with the Nikon D40X.  My first digital camera, a Nikon D70, fell out of my bag onto a stone surface and stopped working :-(

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome's New Standard D-25, a really old aeroplane built in 1929. Big enough to seat four in the front cockpit, the New Standard makes a wonderful joyride machine.

When visiting Old Rhinebeck two years ago, I photographed a WWI era Renault tank. Tanks are not my thing, noisy smelly things, so unlike aeroplanes. Well, I was commisioned to illustrate a giant 464 page history book, 'The Finnish Tank War.' The project lasted about a year and now the book is just out. It's a fancy numbered edition that cannot be bought in bookshops, it has to be ordered from special book dealers.

2016.11.26 Saturday

Tidied my studio today... well, hid piles of papers and banged about with the vacuum cleaner. To recover from my  exertions I watched another HAFU video - 'Dogfight!' Great, a chance to see the wonderful aircraft of TVAL.

The aeromaniacs of New Zealand have had to put up with earthquakes recently. Let's wish them firm ground underfoot and blue skies above.

Multi-camera views of SE 5a fighters, with pilot commentary. HAFU have lots of videos on Youtube.