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2016.10.31  Monday

While out for a walk, a Finnish Air Force Pilatus PC12 flew over me. The FinAF has six of these Swiss aircraft and uses them as liaison aircraft.

The pitot tube of a Mikoyen Gurevich MiG-21 looks to be going supersonic even when standing still. The small vanes are there to measure angle of attack and yaw.

This Mil Mi-4 at the Finnish Aviation Museum, near Helsinki Airport, is a perfect example of the 'Steam Punk' qualities of 1950's technology. A mechanical beetle spreading its wings.

An old photo of my very good friend of over 40 years, Tutu. An inventive marvel, who comes alive whenever a complex problem come his way. He learned to fly in a Harvard and then flew North American F-86 Sabres in the Pakistani Air Force, until his homeland broke away to become an independent Bangladesh. He visited me last week and we had a fantastic time.

A couple of book cover illustrations I made some years ago. The Junkers Ju-88 is done with airbrush and the Fokker D.XXIs are painted in Photoshop.

An airbrush painting of Finnish Air Force Bf-109s climbing through clouds, looking to make an interception.